Goddess Naughtia and her Killer Ass.

Goddess Naughtia has an amazing body, with a Killer Ass. Seriously when she sits on you its like she becomes your entire world. No air under there either.

Goddess Naughtia facesitting
This is the final scene in this remarkable series. By now, the loser is completely exhausted and defeated from having to endure all of Goddess Naughtia’s weight on his chest and face for so long. But Naughtia and Mistress Bijou who is running camera and verbally urging Naughtia to greater levels of cruelty are far from finished with with him. They laugh at his desperate pleas for mercy and it only makes Naughtia sit harder on his face and make him clean her asshole even deeper than before with his tongue. The action in this scene is fantastic and if you haven’t seen the previous Goddess Naughtia scenes we’ve been releasing, we highly recommend you check them out along with this series….see this and more at Club Stiletto