Facecrusher – No Chance for Air

She’s Back!! Sexier and Nastier than ever The Facecrusher aka Goddess Samantha is here to exterminate your oxygen intake.
Facecrusher Goddess Samantha

Face Crusher – No Chance for Air (Ass Smothering)
The Face Crusher struts in wearing her superior black spandex outfit and red high heels. She slams her ass on her victim’s face and reveals to you that she gets hundreds of emails from men who crave to be smothered by her. In some cases they want to be smothered until they are totally extinguished of any life. The Face Crusher loves to crush faces under her glorious ass and as her victim struggles beneath her, she laughs and informs him that the spandex outfit won’t let even a wisp of air into his lungs when she sits full weight on his face. It’s lights out for another victim as the Face Crusher bounces, grinds and sits heavily on his face. Goddess Samantha is fantastic in this scene.…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED CLIP FROM CLUB STILETTO